Full NameSpeaker TypeJob TitleCompany / AffiliationSpeaking AtMore Info
Aïssatou Aïcha SowAbstract PresenterPhD CandidateArmand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie Research Center, Institut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueSession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Anil KumarSession ChairAssistant ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanSession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Msc Annie NguyenAbstract Presentergraduate studentUniversity of CalgarySession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Dr Artem BabaianSpeakerBanting Postdoctoral ResearcherUniversity of CambridgeSession #6: One Health
Dr. Aruna AmbagalaSession Chair(not set)CFIASession #6: One Health
Asma SultanaAbstract PresenterPhD studentUniversity of ManitobaSession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Christopher NeufeldtAbstract PresenterAssistant ProfessorEmory UniversitySession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Cody CollisAbstract PresenterGraduate StudentUniversity of WaterlooSession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Connor RicherAbstract PresenterGraduate StudentUniversity of Western OntarioSession #2: Vaccines
Corby FinkAbstract PresenterPostdoctoral FellowRobarts Research Institute, Western UniversitySession #3: Antivirals
Dr. Curtis SuttleSession Chair(not set)University of British ColumbiaSession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Daniel AndrewsAbstract PresenterPh.D. CandidateUniversity of British ColumbiaSession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Dr Darryl FalzaranoSession ChairResearch ScientistVIDOSession #2: Vaccines
Dr. David EvansSession ChairProfessorUniversity of AlbertaSession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr David MarchantSpeakerAssociate ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaSession #3: Antivirals
Prof Dongyan NiuAbstract PresenterAssistant ProfessorUniversity of CalgarySession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Dr. Doug MahoneySession Chair(not set)University of CalgarySession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Emmanuelle LeBlancAbstract PresenterPhD studentQueen's UniversitySession #3: Antivirals
Dr. Eric JanSession ChairProfessorUBCSession #6: One Health
Professor Eric ArtsSpeakerProfessorWestern UniversitySession #3: Antivirals
Estelle Gamage SamaraweeraAbstract PresenterUndergraduate StudentDalhousie UniversitySession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Dr. Francois JeanSpeakerProfessor of VirologyUniversity of British ColumbiaSession #3: Antivirals
Hannah StaceyAbstract PresenterPhD StudentMcMaster UniversitySession #2: Vaccines
Hannah WallaceAbstract PresenterPhD StudentMemorial UniversitySession #6: One Health
Dr. Ian MacLachlanSpeakerPresidentMacLachlan ConsultingSession #2: Vaccines
Isabelle BoucoiranSpeakerClinical Associate ProfessorUniversité de MontréalKeynote: Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award Presentation
Jan Felix FinkeAbstract PresenterPostdoctoral FellowHakai Institute & University of British ColumbiaSession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Dr. Jennifer CorcoranSpeakerAssistant ProfessorUniversity of CalgarySession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Jennifer CorcoranSession ChairAssistant ProfessorUniversity of CalgarySession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Keith FowkeSession ChairProfessorUniversity of Manitoba, WinnipegSession #2: Vaccines
Dr. Kerry LavenderSpeakerAssistant ProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanSession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Kevin M. CoombsSpeakerProfessorUniversity of ManitobaSession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Lara MahalAbstract PresenterProfessor of Chemistry, CERC in GlycomicsUniversity of AlbertaSession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Prof. Laura EvginSpeakerAssistant Professor / ScientistUniversity of British Columbia/ Genome Sciences Centre, BC CancerSession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Lee CampbellAbstract PresenterPhD CandidateUniversity of AlbertaSession #6: One Health
Dr. Leonard FosterSpeakerProfessor and Department HeadUniversity of British ColumbiaSession #6: One Health
Dr. Linda ChelicoSpeakerProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanSession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Dr. Linda ChelicoSession ChairProfessorUniversity of SaskatchewanSession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Lorne TyrrellSession ChairDistinguished ProfessorLi Ka Shing Institute of Virology, University of AlbertaSession #3: Antivirals
Mariam MaltsevaAbstract PresenterPhD StudentUniversity of OttawaSession #2: Vaccines
Dr. Matthew MillerSpeakerAssociate ProfessorMcMaster UniversitySession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Dr. Maya ShmulevitzSession ChairAssociate ProfessorUniversity of AlbertaSession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Mohammed EltalkhawyAbstract PresenterPh.D. studentKumamoto University, Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus InfectionSession #1: Emerging Pathogens
Professor Nevan KroganSpeakerProfessorUniversity of California San FranciscoSession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Prof Qian Vivian LiuAbstract PresenterAssistant professorMcGill UniversitySession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Samira MubarekaSpeakerClinician-scientistSunnybrook Research Institute/University of TorontoSession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Dr. Sarah WoottonSpeakerAssociate ProfessorUniversity of GuelphSession #2: Vaccines
Shae KomantAbstract PresenterGraduate StudentUniversity of AlbertaSession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Taylor CaddellAbstract PresenterGraduate StudentDalhousie UniversitySession #5: Fundamental Virology
Dr. Tom HobmanSession ChairProfessorUniversity of AlbertaKeynote Presentation: The virus-host Interface: A treasure trove of novel antiviral targets
Session #1: Emerging Pathogens
Trisha BarnardAbstract PresenterPhD CandidateMcGill UniversitySession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Uladzimir KarniychukSpeakerPrincipal InvestigatorUniversity of SaskatchewanKeynote: Bhagirath Singh Early Career Award Presentation
Dr. Vanessa Meier-StephensonSession ChairAssistant ProfessorUniversity of Alberta/LKSIoVSession #3: Antivirals
Dr. Wael DemianAbstract PresenterPostdoctoral FellowMcMaster UniversitySession #6: One Health
Dr. Yan ZhouSession ChairPrincipal InvestigatorVIDO, University of SaskatchewanSession #4: Virus-Host Interactions
Zabrina BrummeSession ChairProfessorSimon Fraser UniversitySession #7: Virus Evolution and Ecology
Prof Zeinab HosseinidoustSpeakerAssistant ProfessorMcMaster UniversitySession #8: Putting Viruses to Work
Dr. Zeineb MhamdiAbstract PresenterPostdoctoral FellowVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization/University of SaskatchewanSession #3: Antivirals