Keynote Speakers

Kanta Subbarao

Kanta Subbarao
University of Melbourne

Professor Kanta Subbarao is a virologist and a physician with specialty training in paediatrics and paediatric infectious diseases. She has worked on molecular virology and vaccine development for emerging viruses that pose a potential pandemic threat, including influenza viruses, SARS and MERS and now SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses in a career spanning 30 years. Previously, she was Chief of the Molecular Genetics Section of the Influenza Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta (1997-2002) and Chief of the Emerging Respiratory Viruses Section of the Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH in the USA (2002-2016). In November 2016, she moved to Melbourne and the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity. She is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, American Academy of Microbiology and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. She serves on the Editorial Board of PLoS Pathogens, Cell Host and Microbe, Journal of Virology, Med, and Cell.

Nevan Krogan

Nevan Krogan

Nevan Krogan, PhD, is a molecular biologist, UC San Francisco professor, and director of the intensely interdisciplinary Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) under the UCSF School of Pharmacy. He is also a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes.
He led the work to create the SARS-CoV-2 interactome and assembled the QBI Coronavirus Research Group (QCRG), which includes hundreds of scientists from around the world. His research focuses on developing and using unbiased, quantitative systems approaches to study a wide variety of diseases with the ultimate goal of developing new therapeutics. 
Nevan serves as Director of The HARC Center, an NIH-funded collaborative group that focuses on the structural characterization of HIV-human protein complexes. Dr. Krogan is also the co-Director of three Cell Mapping initiatives, the Cancer Cell Mapping Initiative (CCMI), the Host Pathogen Map Initiative (HPMI) and the Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (PCMI).  These initiatives map the gene and protein networks in healthy and diseased cells with these maps being used to better understand disease and provide novel therapies to fight them.
He has authored over 250 papers in the fields of genetics and molecular biology and has given over 350 lectures and seminars around the world. He is a Searle Scholar, a Keck Distinguished Scholar, and was recently awarded the Roddenberry Prize for Biomedical Research.

Oral Presentations

Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Session ChairMarianaBazUniversité LavalAssistant Professor(not set)
SpeakerRyanNoyceUniversity of AlbertaAssistant ProfessorExploring novel virus-host interactions to emerging poxviruses and the development of next-generation virus-vectored vaccines
Abstract PresenterCalvinEzeanyaegbuMemorial UniversityGraduate studentElucidating SARS-CoV-2 Inflammatory Responses: ORF3a-Induced Inflammasome Activation and Bystander Mechanisms in Lung Epithelial and Macrophage Cell Lines
Abstract PresenterYannickGalipeauUniversity of OttawaPhD studentAutoantibodies Targeting Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 Are Not Induced Following SARS-CoV-2 Infection
Abstract PresenterOlusUyarInstitut national de la recherche scientifiquePostdocSpatio-temporal rewiring of the endolysosomal network by Zika virus and Dengue virus
Abstract PresenterNatachaOgandoUniversity of AlbertaPostdoctoral FellowDiscovering the molecular mechanisms driving neuropsychiatric post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (neuroPASC).
Abstract PresenterKaushalBaidVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO), University of SaskatchewanPostdoctoral researcherSARS-CoV-2 induces a differential immune response in insectivorous bat cells relative to human cells.
Session ChairAngelaRasmussenVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization/University of SaskatchewanResearch Scientist/Adjunct Professor(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterKathrynRozen-GagnonUniversity of TorontoAssistant ProfessorChikungunya virus relies on mosquito-specific miRNAs for efficient salivary gland secretion
Session ChairLaurentChatel-ChaixInstitut National de la Recherche ScientifiqueAssociate Professor(not set)
Session ChairMarcelineCôtéUniversity of OttawaAssociate Professor(not set)
SpeakerTrusharPatelUniversity of LethbridgeCanada Research Chair and Associate Professor(not set)
Abstract PresenterJustineKniertUniversity of AlbertaGraduate StudentReovirus core factories coalesce and obtain outercapsid proteins as infection progresses into perinuclear regions
Abstract PresenterBreannaLandryUniversity of British ColumbiaGraduate StudentExploring NS2A?: Characterization and Roles in Flaviviral Replication and Virion Assembly
Abstract PresenterRedaetDanielUniversity of OttawaPhD CandidateImpacts of Arl8b-dependent lysosome positioning on Ebola virus entry
Abstract PresenterRoryMulloyUniversity of CalgaryPhD studentSARS-CoV-2 produces a truncated nucleocapsid proteoform that enhances virus fitness and immune evasion
Abstract PresenterNazia YasinThakurThe Pirbright InstitutePhD StudentUnderstanding the risk of bat sarbecovirus spillover into humans � correlating host range, affinity and antigenicity.
Abstract PresenterJulietteBougonDalhousie UniversityPostdoctoral FellowFunctional interplay between PA-X and NS1 in mediating host shutoff and nuclear PABPC1 accumulation during influenza A virus infection
Abstract PresenterMeghaRohamareUniversity of SaskatchewanStudentDevelopment of SARS-Coronavirus-2 replication tools to study emerging variants
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterMichaelNorrisUniversity of TorontoAssistant ProfessorThe Critical Role of Lipids in Measles and Nipah Virus Assembly: Insights for Antiviral Design
Abstract PresenterCassandraEdgarWestern UniversityGraduate StudentThe Regulation of the Checkpoint Receptor Tim-3 by the HIV-1 Accessory Protein Vpu
Abstract PresenterYuhangLuoMCGILL UNIVERSITYPhD candidateIFITM1 inhibits the entry of Nipah and Hendra viruses by sequestering the ephrinB2 receptor in rigid membrane nanodomains.
Abstract PresenterMarielKleerUniversity of CalgaryPhD StudentThe kaposin RNA transcript is the architect of a successful KSHV infection
Session ChairKathrynRozen-GagnonUniversity of TorontoPrincipal Investigator(not set)
Session ChairJoyceWilsonUniversity of SaskatchewanProfessor(not set)
SpeakerSelenaSaganUniversity of British ColumbiaProfessor(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterJuveriya QamarKhanUniversity of SaskatchewanGraduate StudentGenome-wide CRISPR screens reveals unique host-directed inhibitor drugs and a pro-viral signaling pathway for SARS-CoV-2
Abstract PresenterNicholasDennistonQueens UniversityGraduate StudentThe Role of HSV pUL16 in Altering Host Mitochondrial Physiology
Abstract PresenterJonathanOwenEmory UniversityPhD StudentMembrane tethering by the host GTPase Atlastin-2 is critical for flavivirus replication
Abstract PresenterEricPringleDalhousie UniversitiyPostdoctoral FellowKSHV lytic replication requires eIF3D
Abstract PresenterRogerLippéUniversity of MontrealPrincipal InvestigatorHSV-1 and Alzheimer's disease. A molecular link
Session ChairKathrynRozen-GagnonUniversity of TorontoPrincipal Investigator(not set)
Session ChairJoyceWilsonUniversity of SaskatchewanProfessor(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterSophieGobeilUniversité LavalAssistant professorEvolution of the S protein over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic
Session ChairFinlayMaguireDalhousie UniversityAssistant Professor(not set)
SpeakerFrancoisCholettePublic Health Agency of CanadaBiologist(not set)
Abstract PresenterStephenLeeUniversity of AlbertaGraduate StudentEvolution by exclusion: wildtype poxviruses interfere with selection for cidofovir-resistant mutants in coinfected cells
Abstract PresenterCandiceLemailleUniversity of ManitobaMaster's StudentMonkeypox surveillance in GBMSM, sex workers and PLWH in Kenya
Session ChairJeffJoyUniversity of British Columbia/BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDSProfessor/Senior Scientist(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Session ChairSamiraMubarekaSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreMicrobiologist(not set)
Abstract PresenterJordanWightMemorial University of NewfoundlandPhD CandidateAvian influenza virus circulation and immunity in a wild urban duck population prior to and during a highly pathogenic H5N1 outbreak
Abstract PresenterVictoriaGonzalezVaccine Infectious Disease Organization, University of SaskatchewanPhD StudentCanonical and non-canonical features of the bat interferon response against coronaviruses
Abstract PresenterGiuliaGalloThe Pirbright InstitutePostdoctoral FellowInsight into the scope of alphacoronavirus receptor usage
SpeakerArinjayBanerjeeVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, University of SaskatchewanPrinicpal ScientistA field-to-lab approach to investigate the drivers of bat borne zoonotic viruses
Session ChairKatharineMagorUniversity of AlbertaProfessor(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterStephanieDeWitte-OrrWilfrid Laurier UniversityAssociate ProfessorUsing long, sequence specific dsRNA to knockdown viral and host proteins with antiviral effects via RNAi
Abstract PresenterJoshWuDefence Research and Development CanadaDefence SceintistA single administration of interferon alpha expressed from an adenovirus vector protects mice from the lethal challenge of eastern equine encephalitis virus
Abstract PresenterMelanieGoensUniversity of GuelphGraduate StudentDevelopment of Newcastle disease virus vectored vaccine against Nipah virus
Abstract PresenterWenguangCaoNational Microbiology Laboratory, PHACLab BiologistComparative Analysis of Atypical and Acute Ebola Virus Disease in Ferrets Treated with Monoclonal Antibody
Abstract PresenterCorbyFinkRobarts Research Institute, Western UniversityPostdoctoral FellowPheophorbide is a potent in vivo antiviral during SARS-CoV-2 infection
SpeakerAndrésFinziUniversité de Montréal and researcher at the Centre de Recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM)ProfessorAn asymmetric opening of HIV-1 Env sensitizes HIV-1-infected cells to ADCC
Session ChairMatthiasGotteUniversity of AlbertaProfessor(not set)
Session ChairAlysonKelvinVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization International Vaccine CentreScientist(not set)
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
Abstract PresenterAmyGillgrassMcMaster UniversityAssistant ProfessorCombating the HIV/TB co-infection syndemic: Testing a novel mucosal adenoviral TB vaccine in na�ve and HIV-infected humanized mice
SpeakerSamWorkenheUniversity of GuelphAssistant Professor(not set)
Session ChairSarahWoottonUniversity of GuelphAssociate Professor(not set)
Abstract PresenterSuzy (Jun Li)WangUniversity of AlbertaGraduate StudentTurning cold tumours hot: utilizing engineered vaccinia virus to increase tumour immunogenicity
Abstract PresenterAidaSaidUniversity of OttawaPhD studentDeciphering translation dynamics during oncolysis: translatome of glioblastoma cells undergoing Maraba virus MG1 infection
Session ChairMayaShmulevitzUniversity of AlbertaPrinicipal Investigator(not set)
Abstract PresenterTommyAlainCHEO RI, uOTTAWASenior Scientist, Associate ProfessorReovirus as a novel platform for orally available cancer vaccine
Speaker TypeFirst NameLast NameCompany / AffiliationJob TitleAbstract Title
HPAI UpdateMatthewMillerMcMaster UniversityExecutive Director, M.G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research(not set)
Abstract PresenterMirzabekKazbekovUniversity of AlbertaGraduate StudentInfluenza NS1 inhibits RIPLET activated RIG-I signaling in avian cells.
HPAI UpdateSamiraMubarekaSunnybrook Health Sciences CentreMicrobiologist(not set)
Abstract PresenterRita MariaQuintela TizonVaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) / University of SaskatchewanPhD studentEvolution of Interferon beta specificity in humans and bats may be responsible for differences in viral pathogenesis.
Abstract PresenterUlisesBarron-CastilloUniversity of SaskatchewanPhD StudentIntranasal vaccination of an elastase-dependent replication defective influenza virus vaccine provides protection against drifted IAV H3N2 infection in swine
Abstract PresenterAyumiMatsuyamaWestern College of Veterinary Medicine, University of SaskatchewanPost-Doctoral FellowshipCharacterization of immune cell subsets in broiler chickens following challenge with variant infectious bursal disease virus
HPAI UpdateYanZhouVIDOPrincipal Scientist(not set)
Session ChairFrankvan der MeerUniversity of Calgary Veterinary MedicineProfessor(not set)
HPAI UpdateFrankvan der MeerUniversity of Calgary Veterinary MedicineProfessor(not set)
Session ChairSureshTikooSchool of Public Health/VIDO, University of SaskatchewanProfessor/Senior Scientist(not set)
HPAI UpdateJeffJoyUniversity of British Columbia/BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDSProfessor/Senior Scientist(not set)
Session ChairQiangLiuUniversity of SaskatchewanSenior Scientist(not set)