Why Sponsor the Symposium?

The 5th CSV Symposium brings together a community of approximately 300 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior and established investigators from academics and industry who study virology.

The vision of the Canadian Society for Virology is to support the further development of a tight-knit community of Canadian virologists. The CSV Symposium will support knowledge exchange, mentoring and aim to improve research and healthcare initiatives in the discipline of virology. We provide travel awards and research prizes to support the development of Early Career Investigators and trainees. Importantly, to increase the professional development of trainees, the CSV also holds mentoring programs to prepare the next generation of scientists for academic or industry research.

As a sponsor, you will gain valuable exposure and provide necessary support to Scientists from across the country who attend this important event. The Symposium has a profound impact on the advancements and collaborations within the Virology community of Scientists and we believe that meaningful partnerships make all the difference.