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Dr. Jennifer Corcoran
Job Title
Assistant Professor
Company / Affiliation
University of Calgary
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Speaker Bio
Dr. Jennifer Corcoran (Jenn) completed a PhD in molecular virology at Dalhousie University and post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Alberta and Dalhousie University. Jenn started her lab in 2014 at Dalhousie, studying how individual viral genes encoded by the oncogenic virus Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) promote cancer. Jenn relocated her research group to the University of Calgary in 2018, continuing work on KSHV using molecular virology and recombinant virus genetic approaches. Capitalizing on expertise in recombinant virology and virus-host interactions, since 2020 Jenn’s lab has also studied human coronaviruses. Jenn serves as the Chair of the Education and Trainee Development Committee of the Charbonneau Research Institute, is a member of the Microbiology Graduate Education Program Committee and is a dedicated supporter of graduate student education. Jenn also serves as Chair of the University of Calgary CL3 Facility User Group and is a member of the Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network (CoVaRR-Net) and the Canadian Consortium of Academic Biosafety Level 3 Laboratories. Jenn is also mom to three daughters, an avid runner and loves the outdoors.
Jennifer Corcoran