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Uladzimir Karniychuk
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Principal Investigator
University of Saskatchewan
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I completed my Ph.D. training in virology at Ghent University, Belgium, in 2012. There, I worked on the pathogenesis of PRRSV infection caused by a highly pathogenic East European strain and PRRSV-host interactions in the endometrium, placenta, and fetuses. As a postdoctoral fellow at McMaster University and the University Health Network, I helped develop a humanized mouse model for HIV-1 infection and a ferret model for severe/lethal human H1N1 influenza infections. I joined VIDO, University of Saskatchewan, as a principal investigator in 2016. My lab studies interactions between emerging RNA viruses and hosts. Specifically, we study: (i) how CpG dinucleotide content in virus genomes affects immune responses and performance of live vaccines; (ii) how pregnancy affects virus evolution; (iii) and non-vector transmission of emerging flaviviruses. I also see my mission in supporting diversity in the lab and university, and I train national and international students and PDFs.
Uladzimir Karniychuk