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Kevin M. Coombs
Job Title
University of Manitoba
Speaker Bio
Dr. Kevin Coombs obtained his BA degrees in Biology and English from the State University of New York in Geneseo, NY, and his MA and PhD degrees in Microbiology from the University of Texas at Austin. After post-doctoral work at Harvard Medical School, he joined the University of Manitoba. His lab’s major research interests are to delineate protein and nucleic acid interactions in nucleoprotein complexes, using various model RNA viruses. His lab studies how these interactions change as a result of, and in turn are modulated by conformational transitions that occur during macromolecular assembly and disassembly, how these processes can be attenuated by anti-viral compounds, and how these processes in virus infections contribute to pathogenesis. He has served on numerous grant funding panels, including as Scientific Officer and Chair of the CIHR VVP panel. He has served in a variety of administrative roles, including Acting and Associate Head for the Department of Medical Microbiology; as Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies; and as Associate and Assistant Dean of Research in the College of Medicine.
Abstract Title
Cellular proteins that modulate respiratory virus replication
Kevin M. Coombs