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Prof Zeinab Hosseinidoust
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Assistant Professor
McMaster University
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I am a chemical and biomedical engineer and the Canada Research Chair in Bacteriophage Bioengineering. My research is translational, spans across multiple disciplines and integrates engineering with microbiology, materials science, and chemistry. I obtained my PhD from McGill University with Dr. Nathalie Tufenkji (Tier 1 CRC in biocolloids) and Dr. Theo van de Ven (Sir William C. Macdonald Chair in Chemistry) and completed my postdoctoral training at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany with Dr. Metin Sitti as CIHR fellow. I obtained over 12 scholarships/fellowships and awards during my doctoral and postdoctoral training. I joined the Chemical Engineering Department at McMaster University in July 2016.

My research program is focused on translational bacteriophage research, bridging the gap between microbiology and engineering design. My research focuses on responding to two global biological threats, namely antibiotic-resistance and viral infections, by employing bacteriophages (bacterial viruses).
Zeinab Hosseinidoust