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Dr. Tom Hobman
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University of Alberta
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Dr. Hobman is a professor of Cell Biology at the University of Alberta. His research RNA virus host interactions at the cellular level and the regulation of gene-expression by RNA interference. Currently, the Hobman laboratory is engaged in the study of coronaviruses, flaviviruses, alphaviruses and HIV. His laboratory was among the first to show that RNA virus capsid proteins regulate key aspects of the innate immune system such as apoptosis and protein translation. More recently, they have shown that many viruses target peroxisomes during infection, likely as a means to disrupt the innate immune response. In addition, his research group was to first to characterize mammalian Argonaute proteins, which are the key effectors of RNA interference, a gene expression regulatory pathway that controls >60% of all human genes and has important roles in anti-viral defense.

Dr. Hobman has trained 25 graduate students (18 PhD and 6 MSc), 9 postdoctoral fellows and over 60 undergraduate students. For the first 23 years of his career as a faculty member, he was supported by salary awards from the Medical Research Council of Canada, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research and Canada Research Chairs. Subsequently, he was awarded a Tier I Canada Research Chair in RNA Virus Host Interactions. In 2021, Dr. Hobman was inducted as a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.
Dr. Hobman holds a number of editorships at research journals including PLoS Pathogens and Virology. He has authored more than 100 research articles, reviews and book chapters in key textbooks such as Fields Virology. He has also filed a number of patent applications focused on host cell target-based antiviral therapies.
Tom Hobman