Full Name
Peter Moonen
Job Title
National Sustainability Manager
Company / Affiliation
Canadian Wood Council
Speaker Bio
Peter studied Marine Biology, Zoology and Forestry the University of British Columbia and over the last 30 years has used that science-based foundation to advance a better understanding of wood products, wood construction and the forest sector.

He is National Sustainability Manager for the Canadian Wood Council (CWC), a technical and knowledge transfer organization, which provides free technical support to designers, contractors, building and fire officials, owners and regulators to build a strong wood culture in Canada through education, training and awareness

He regularly presents to design professionals, contractors, educators, regulators and building officials in Asia, Europe and throughout North America on achieving greater sustainability, durability and the appropriate use of wood.

He is a regular participant and session facilitator with the UN Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry; a market reviewer specializing in wood and the green economy for the Forest Products Annual Market Review published by the UNECE Forestry and Timber section; and a contributor to the Mas Timber Report distributed at the International Mas timber Conference.

He is actively involved in the Low Carbon-Assets through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA^2) Initiative of the National Research Council of Canada and is leading the wood industry’s efforts to gather Life Cycle Inventory data from every producer in the country.
Peter Moonen